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Thank You, Jimmy Kimmel!

So, the no-talent, pseudo-celebutante, twat-waffle Kendall Jenner was somehow asked to be an announcer for the Billboard Music Awards. Given the level of talent from which she descents, she did what her sisters before her have all done on camera: used her mouth and choked.
After calling the barely legal's mishap "the second most embarrassing thing a Kardashian has done on camera," Kimmel noted that Jenner's admission of being the worst reader is "especially entertaining" given that she and her sister, 16-year-old Kylie, supposedly co-wrote a novel.
(I can't even land an agent and these two no talent morons get a book deal?!) For Kimmel, the joke almost wrote itself.
"And she just partnered with Amazon for this," he said before launching a faux commercial for "The Kendall," the worst reader.

You're welcome...