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Moron(s) of the Week

In the ultimate game of “I got your nose!”, this idiot decided it would be a good idea to bite off the nose of his infant son in brilliant attempt to quiet the crying child. This “Father of the Year” nominee not only mangled his child’s face, he’s suspected of also fracturing the baby’s cranium and causing a brain hemorrhage.  He’s been arrested for Child Abuse (ya think?!) and is being held on $750,000 bail and amazingly, is pleading not guilty. I guess his lawyer has failed to explain to him that when the cops finds pieces of your kid's face in your teeth, that’s as good as a confession.

Religious Right talk show host, Kevin Swanson, recently accused Disney of using the movie “Frozen” to turn children gay. Swanson told his co-host that Satan is using the movie to “indoctrinate my 5 year old to be a lesbian”. Yeah.  We’re supposed to believe Hans Christian Anderson and Walt Disney conspired to layer uber-dyke subliminal messaging into a formerly beautiful fairy tale about the love between 2 sisters in order get all little girls under the age of 10 early memberships to the LPGA.

What a douche bag…