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Orange is the New Chelsea

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I'll admit I've purposely avoid discussing the Bradley Manning / Ed Snowden stories that have come up over the last few months. Finding out our Government has been spying on us, to me, wasn't news. Anybody shocked by this great  "revelation" needs to stop f*cking their unicorns and wake the f*ck up. The Government has been spying on us since July 5th 1776. J.Edgar Hoover made it common practice in the forties and George W. Bush and Dick Cheney made it legal with the Patriot Act. And I'm not defending or condoning what those guys did, I'm just saying, "Duh!"  

What I do find really interesting is Bradley Manning's announcement this week that he is actually a woman named Chelsea. He is petitioning the army to allow him to undergo hormone replacement therapy while he serves his time in Leavenworth. Now, for me, this brings up some interesting questions. First, is there a rule about serving time as the gender you were when you committed the crime your serving time for? Second, is this a strategic legal move to try and get Manning moved to a woman's prison? Or is Manning actively trying to cast himself in the second season of Orange is the New Black?  Whatever the case, Manning is either bat shit crazy or a f*cking evil genius! I'm hoping for Chelsea to make her Netflix debut, cause that would make for some good the-ater, as we say in the south! Think about it, an ex-military, trans-gendered woman busted for treason and selling military secrets sharing the same sell as Piper and all those crazy bitches she's locked up with?!  That's what I call must see tv...