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What the hell is this sh*t?!

I'm not new to the random weirdness that populates the internet. In fact, I thrive on it.  It's the weird sh*t that makes the world go around. However, I came across something recently that gave me pause… A new trend that's showing up on the popular sites…

Dogs wearing pantyhose…  Yeah...   I'll say it again…. 

Dogs. Wearing. Pantyhose.  

Most of these pictures originated in China which makes me question the mental stability of that country in a whole new way.  Also, I'm no longer afraid of them. Three Billion of them dressing their dogs as strippers is not indicative of world domination.

So, China will forever be known for making iPhones and this:

My reactions were as follows:

1).  Ewww!!!

2). What the f*ck?


3). Please God, let my ass look better than that when I wear pantyhose!

Of course, this weird hobby affords us the opportunity to ask:  

who wore it best?

Sweetie,                                                                Nikki Minaj,

or The Sisters Kardashian?

I'll let you be the judges...