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Castle Reaction 5x17 - Scared to Death


"Scared to Death" -- When a young woman appears to have literally been scared to death three days after watching a "haunted" DVD, Castle and Beckett delve into one of their creepiest cases yet. To make matters worse, Castle becomes convinced that he too is marked for death when he accidentally watches the cursed video. Master of horror Wes Craven makes a special quest appearance, on "Castle," MONDAY, MARCH 18 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET). 

Yay! Castle is back on the air! It was a long hiatus, lemme tell ya… No Nathan for 3 weeks… I don't know how I coped.

We open with a girl, who I assume is our victim, freaking out and calling 911. Next time we see her, Val is dead on the floor looking like she was scared to death.  Castle immediately begins to think there are supernatural influences at work but Beckett and the boys don't buy it. 

Her roommate, Amanda, says Val's been paranoid for the last few days and points the finger at the boyfriend. She's mousy and unassuming and cries way too much.  She did it. 

Boyfriend is a total creeper, but I don't think he did it. A guy with a restraining order and heaps of tattoo's is an easy mark.  And his alibi checks out…so, it wasn't him.

Castle and Beckett are searching Val's apartment when Castle stumbles upon a really creepy  DVD, a la The Ring. He watches it because we'd have no plot tonight if he didn't and now he's convinced that 's what killed Val and now it's coming after him. 

Now he's got Ryan convinced. Beckett is not buying into it at all. She wants the boys to watch the video and analyze it but they chicken out. Beckett ends up watching it with Castle. He wants to hold Beckett's hand; not because she's scared but because he is…  Nice.  As they start to break down the video and Castle notices a symbol for rebirth. Hmmm…. a clue.

They go to see the ME and the COD is heart attack. She's 27 and has no history of heart problems. The ME, Pearlmutter, is at a loss to chalk it up to anything else. Castle realizes he's doomed and starts to go over his bucket list to see what he can get done in 3 days. 

While following up on another lead, The boys wonder if Castle has named them in his will. Just in case he does die, they want to be prepared and they agree Castle's Lamborghini would go a long way to lessen their grief. 

Back at the station, Beckett wants to call it a night. It's been a long day and she wants Castle to sleepover at her apartment. He says no. Sex will almost guarantee their deaths because all the horror movies say so. ( He's right. Those are the rules of the standard horror flick.)

She points out this could be their last time, but Castle won't budge. Later, at his loft, Castle calls his friend, Wes Craven for advice. Yep, the Wes Craven.  Craven tells him to find the story inside of the video and the rest will be a piece of cake.

The next morning, the team is hashing through the clues on the tape and find a B&B that the victim and her boyfriend stayed in. Beckett wants to go check it out, but Castle doesn't want to go. He volunteers to stay and watch the DVD.  So, Beckett and Esposito go to the B&B and talk to the way to creepy innkeeper. (Lots of creepy actors cast in this episode. Seriously, the Casting Director outdid herself.) They discover all of the clues on the tape and both of the victims are connected to a serial killer named Nigel Malloy. Both Val and her boyfriend served as jurors in Nigel's trial. So, maybe Nigel's killing for revenge?  Problem is, Nigel is dead. Died 3 years ago. (I'm going to go on record as saying the roommate at the beginning of the episode, will end up being his daughter or something and she's killing people to avenge his death. ) 

They track some evidence to Nigel's accomplice, his brother Leopold, who is a resident of the local loony bin insane asylum. This whole scene is very, Silence of the Lambs and the nurse their talking to is way too chatty. I don't like her.

Driving back to the station, they talk to Ryan and he tells them that Nigel's body has disappeared. Castle thinks Nigel has risen from the dead. Beckett says his brother is responsible for all of this and she's going to prove it. B*tch, just talk to the roommate!

So, they realize the jurors in Nigel's murder trial are being killed in order. They track the third juror to a cabin upstate in the middle of the woods. They make one stop on the way to pick up Castle's emergency evil spirit kit; complete with a bottle of Holy Water he had blessed a few years ago just in case…. He so cute! Just saying.

They find the juror, Mark, in his cabin just before midnight. The weird stuff starts happening immediately. Beckett sees someone outside and goes after them. She chases someone but looses them in the spooky fog…. So, after running around the woods for a while, she captures….wait for it……. the nurse from the asylum. Ok, I didn't see that one coming.  The nurse says she's there to save the 3rd juror from being killed because she's in love with Nigel's brother and she wants him to get paroled….Gross.

Inside the cabin, Mark tells Castle about another possible killer, who was wrongly accused before Nigels trial. He killed himself while in custody. And ironically, has a daughter named Amanda. I knew it was her! I was wrong about who her father was but I knew that b*tch was in on it. Of course, that's when Amanda shows up in the cabin to kill Mark and Castle & Beckett stop her and save the day. 

As they relax after an exhausting case, Beckett looks over Castle's bucket list and sees "Be with Kate" is number one. She asks when he wrote the list and he says 3 years ago and he's crossed number one off of his list. She tries to kiss him but he won't until after midnight. He's still worried about any frisky business before the midnight deadline of the video.  Beckett smiles and walks into the bedroom and Castle follows soon after….Awwww…… I've missed them!