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Juice Fast Day 2

I am now painfully aware of the term "Full of sh*t" and how it became relevant.  

The second day was harder than the first. I have a new appreciation for Several times, I found myself staring at my open refrigerator thinking "F*ck this! I'm having a sandwich!" But I didn't. I was frustrated in the early part of the day because I felt like nothing was happening and figured why not eat? But the encouragement I've gotten from friends and family made me stick to to the program. Also, I've discovered that my body doesn't crave food when I'm unconscious. So, sleeping has helped. I haven't had much more energy to do more than sleep anyway. The good news is I've lost 3 lbs.  Also, I haven't wanted to kill anyone.............. yet.  

But it's early yet and I've got 9 Days to go.