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Castle Reaction 5x16 "Hunt"


James Brolin Guest Stars as Castle's Dad

"Hunt" -- In the powerful conclusion of a two-episode story arc, when the FBI fails to get his daughter back, Castle takes matters into his own hands, reaching out to a shadowy fixer to help him recover Alexis. But Castle soon learns that his daughter's kidnapping may be part of an even more sinister agenda, on "Castle," MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET). Emmy and Golden Globe-winner James Brolin ("The West Wing," "Marcus Welby, M.D.") guest stars in the episode as Castle's dad.

Last time on castle; Alexis was kidnapped. Castle was pissed off. And Beckett was seriously worried…

So, Alexis is re-caught by the kidnappers on the roof in Paris and Castle is drilling the FBI and Sara's parents about why their daughters were taken out of the country.  Anybody feeling the "Taken" vibe?

The kidnappers call Sara's parents demanding $15 million Euro and they'll let both the girls go. The FBI wants to contact local authorities in Paris but Sara's folks say no way.

The drop doesn't quite go as planned but, Sara gets released.  Alexis doesn't.  Sara tells the Paris cops she & Alexis were separated after Alexis tried to escape. Castle goes to leave to tell his mother what's happened; Beckett offers to go with him but he says he needs to do this alone.

Later, after Beckett grills the FBI guy, she can't get a hold of Castle. He's not answering his phone. She rushes over to Castle's loft and she and Martha realize he's gone to Paris.  Cut to my future husband pretend boyfriend standing in front of a really bad green screen of Paris.

I called it! "Taken" take off it is….

So, now he's in Paris talking to an old friend with a bad French Accent who thinks can help him. The guy tells him "It'll be expensive."  "I don't care". says Castle.  Oooooo…. He's so Liam Neesom...

Beckett and the boys track the plane that was used to move the girls and Ryan also finds a girlfriend of one of the bad guys. Score one for the good guys!

Castle meets with a Victor Hugo looking mother*cker in a creepy old church who says he can find Alexis but doesn't promise to find her alive. Ouch. They go & meet a friend of Hugo's who hangs out in the sewers and is blind so I guess he doesn't really care about his surroundings that much. Blind guy hears a bunch of sh*t on the recording of his Skype conversation with Alexis and they come away with some clues.

Back in NYC, Beckett goes all super- strung-out-caffeine-addict-bad-ass and kicks the sh*t out of the girlfriend and manages to get an address. When they get there, the place has been tossed already but, they do find a computer. Weird.

Castle and his band of merry frenchmen go to check out a location and come up empty. Although they do find one long red hair. Gross.

Hugo doesn't like any of this. It's too clean. (Um..except for the hair) This is the work of professionals. Before they leave, they discover a bug in the wall and Hugo threatens the bad guys and Voila! The phone rings! It's the bad guys want to negotiate.

Beckett and the boys keep coming up with a police sketch of James Brolin, He was seen in several of the locations with the bad guys. They do however, come across several pictures of Alexis found at one of the crime scenes. Alexis was the target after all. She tries to call Castle but he's too busy being double crossed by Hugo & the kidnappers to answer.  Just as Castle is about to die, all of the bad guys are killed. By James Brolin.

Castle tries to answer another call from Beckett and as he's talking to her James Brolin takes his phone and shoots it. He tells Castle he's one of the good guys and his name is Jackson Hunt. Yeah, right.

We cut to Alexis in a Hannibal Lecter Cage and none of the bad guys will talk to her.

Castle and Brolin get to a safe house and a phone rings. He tells Castle it's for him. He answers the clone of his phone & it's the kidnappers asking to talk to Brolin. They converse and Castle realizes all of this is about Brolin. Why? Because Alexis is his granddaughter. He's Martha's baby daddy! WTF?!! He tells Castle he's been keeping tabs on him his whole life and he's always been so proud. He even met him once, in the Library. He gave Castle a copy of Casino Royale. Castle says that's the book that made want to be a writer… Sniff.

They reminisce for 20 seconds or so before they come up with a plan to go get Alexis.  The true bad guy is an ex KGB agent whose wife was killed by  Brolin when he was still young enough to be relevant. In the middle of Castle executing his part of the plan, he gets caught. Dumbass….

But Brolin was prepared for all of it. And Castle & Alexis get out and make it to the US embassy. Castle doesn't get to say goodbye to his daddy… frowny face.

They get home to a welcome home party from Beckett and Martha. Beckett pleads with Castle to never do anything like that without her again and they smooch. Awww….  Castle notices a package on the counter & Martha say it was delivered for him not long ago. He opens it and it's a copy of Casino Royale….   Me thinks we haven't seen the last of James Brolin.