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Talk about a "Whopper"...


I don't think this is what they meant by "having it your way".  In the never ending game of "Keeping up with the Jones'" in the Fast Food industry, the Burger King chain has admitted there may have been tainted horse meat in some of the burgers sold in England and Ireland. They have traced the product back to a meat distributor in Poland.  The Guardian posted a statement from Burger King earlier this week:

"Our independent DNA test results on product taken from restaurants were negative for any equine DNA. However, four samples recently taken from the Silvercrest plant have shown the presence of very small trace levels of equine DNA. Within the last 36 hours, we have established that Silvercrest used a small percentage of beef imported from a non-approved supplier in Poland. They promised to deliver 100% British and Irish beef patties and have not done so. This is a clear violation of our specifications, and we have terminated our relationship with them."

Well, they're not taking any accountability but at least they've admitted somebody screwed up.  

Potentially poisoning thousands of people is completely forgivable if you say, " Oops! Not our bad!".  I can't wait to see how Wendy's tries to top this….