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Juice Fast Recap/Reaction

I'm back to eating solid food again and it's a beautiful thing. I made it 8 days and I lost 15lbs. I took a few days off from writing and I apologize for that. I think as I grew weaker my interest in everyday things waned. All I wanted to do was sleep. On Saturday, I was doing a little light cleaning and damn near passed out. If I hadn't been near the sofa I would have cracked my head on the floor. I knew it was time to eat. So, I weened myself back to solids. I started by sipping orange juice and graduated to toast, and then eggs. By lunchtime today, I was able to expand my diet to include a salad. I wanted a double - double cheeseburger and fries from In & Out, but I didn't. Plus, with the problems our fast food industry is having lately, I'd rather set my face on fire. No,I'm committed to improving my diet. This fast has taught me a lot and I'm glad I did it. I don't know if I'll ever do it again, but I do know I can do it… and that's something. 

And nobody died.