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Moron of the Week


Meet 22 year old Alicia Ann Lynch from Michigan. On the surface, she looks nice enough, right? Respectable; someone you could take home to Mom. Beneath the surface lies a level of stupidity that very few people have sunk to in recent memory. She decided to dress up like a victim from the Boston Bombings for Halloween. And that isn't the stupid part. No, Einstein's stupidity was two fold that day. First, she went to work dressed that way and second, she took pictures of herself dressed like that (at work) and posted them to several Social Media sites. (I guess there were no aborted babies available for her to use as accessories...) Of course, the backlash was instantaneous and vicious. And she lost her job. AND managed receive a couple of Death Threats. But that's not why I awarded her the prestigious title of "Moron of the Week"... No, she earned that moniker for acting surprised when the backlash started and portraying herself as a victim. Because opening a National wound and pouring salt into it for a couple of laughs totally justifies you feeling sorry for yourself, Alicia. Congratulations on your Award. You've completely destroyed the little bit of faith I had in your generation. 

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