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Please God, haven't we been through enough?

As if life didn't suck enough, comes news of Kris Jenner's talk show. That's right. The woman responsible for the triple layered plague on society is being rewarded for her incapacity to keep her legs together in the form of a talk show. Yeah, like I need her divulge her secret for producing mind numbingly stupid twat-waffles whose talents include marrying for money in a public spectacle and picking fights with people on Twitter.

"Whether offering real advice to her family or sharing personal moments with viewers, Kris is honest, compelling, entertaining, and unscripted – all excellent qualities for a daytime talk show host," added Stephen Brown, EVP of Development & Programming, Twentieth Television, which will produce and distribute the Jenner's show.

Um...You forgot to include shallow, entitled, vacuous, obnoxious with a slight tendency to spit on the people who work for her, Stephen.  

If the American people can't see through this tired, old whore, then they deserve what they get.