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Bimbolina's Breakdown: The S.A.G. Awards

Yikes! Nicole Kidman didn't have time to get her hair done before the show...

Outstanding Actor in a Supporting role: Tommy Lee Jones.  Grumpy wasn't there to accept his award so no new memes with him and Grumpy Cat. Frowny face...

Damn! Time has not been kind to Helen Hunt...

Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role -  Anne Hathaway.  Duh…...


Outstanding Male Actor in Comedy Series -  Alec Baldwin.  He either pissed off his hair dresser or he doesn't have a mirror at home.

Outstanding Female Actor in a Comedy series -  Tina Fey - Best line: when she thanked Amy Pohler; " I've known you since you were pregnant with Lena Dunham."

Outstanding ensemble in a comedy series - Modern Family.  Ed O'Neil looks like he has no idea where he is.

Outstanding Female actor in a TV or Mini Series - Julianne Moore.   Duh….

Oh, look. Someone killed a shower curtain in order for Rose Byrne to have a dress to wear to the show.

Outstanding Male Actor in a TV or Mini series  - Kevin Costner  He wasn't there so we missed another boring ass acceptance speech. There is a God.

Dick van Dyke just "accidentally on Purpose" called Alec Baldwin Tony Bennett. I think I love him more now than when I was a kid.

Outstanding Lead male actor in a Drama Series - Bryan Cranston. Anyone else think that the older he gets, the more he looks like Picard?

Busy Philips makes Taye Diggs look like the mayor of Munchkin Land.

Outstanding Lead Female Actor in a Drama Series - Claire Danes.  Who looks amazing having just had a baby. Hate her!  Ok, she redeemed herself by admitting she was wearing spanks…

Jessica Chastain broke the redheads can't wear red rule. Seeing as how the backdrop was red also, I think she should have stuck to the rule because all I see is a floating torso.

Holy Crap! Gary Collins died?! …..I guess that why I haven't seen him in any infomercials lately.

Outstanding ensemble of a Drama Series - Downton Abbey.  All 5 of them looked completely dumbfounded that they won. I guess that's why the rest of the cast didn't make the trip across the pond.

I can't get over how good Sally Field looks! Cause, by the time the other nuns get to be her age, we can't tell them apart from the gargoyles.

Robert DeNiro must shrink a little every time he shoots a movie. If he keeps working, I expect him to be 4'10" by next awards season.

Outstanding Female actor in a Leading Role - Jennifer Lawrence, who all but came out of her dress when she won.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Leading Role -  Daniel Day Lewis.    Duh….

Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture - Argo!  Oooooooooooo….You know Spielberg is p*ssed!