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Mama must be sooooooo proud...

I'm reposting this because the author is my new best friend and we share mutal disdain for all things Bristol Palin. The fact Bristol & I live in the same city now gives me the slightest glimmer of hope that one day our paths may cross and I can finally punch her right in her baby hole.


“Mother of the Year” Awards: Bristol Palin’s Son Calls Aunt a “Faggot” on Reality Show

Oh, Bristol Palin, maybe if you would’ve spent less time worrying about that Jay Leno chin of yours, or how your stint on Dancing with the Stars was going. and spent more time …I don’t  know…PARENTINGthis clip wouldn’t be making the rounds on the internet today.

In the latest episode of Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp (get it, her son’s name is Tripp, and she had a reality show and the title…oh, nevermind. No one gives a fuck about this shit show),Tripp Palin gets so infuriated with his Aunt Willow that he decides to lash out at her by calling her a faggot.

Tripp’s three years old, by the way.

Bristol admits shes’ a shit mother and  ”doing a terrible job disciplining Tripp,” but what does she do when she hears this line? She giggles. GIGGLES.

You know, because a toddler using a gay slur is just so effin’ hilarious.

Bristol Palin is the very definition of This Bitch.  I hold more value in the sound a fart makes when being squeezed out of someone’s rectal hole than the words that come out of anyone in this family’s mouth.