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LA is so dope

I just spent my first Jesus Zombie Day in LALA land and thought I'd share some of the highlights with you. See if you can guess which ones are real... Please keep in mind there may have been some alcohol consumed throughout the day. Don't judge me.

A six foot inflatable Easter Bunny

Home made chocolate & peanut butter balls

A Gay easter basket adorned with feathers and a phallic shaped SpiderMan bubble wand

A Martha-Stewart-impersonated decorated Bruncheon Table made complete by the Yellow spotted tablecloth, Blue sequenced ribbons & Easter grass.

A 7ft Tranny wearing Leopard Print and high heeled shoes the size of my SUV.

A contortionist dressed like an undertaker 

A 2 story Bouncy house


P.S.   They were all real....  You know you're jealous...