The Adventures of Bimbolinaho

The Blonde leading the Blind...

Humorist, Cycnic, Blogger, Blonde. Kinda like Grumpy Cat, but with boobs. Judging stupid people is my real job.#theblondeleadingtheblind


Mood Swing

I think I've reached a point where  if one more person talks to me in a condescending, patronizing, holier than thou, double-entendre dropping, SAT vocabulary word using, reeking of Axe while telling me how to do my job with an eat sh*t and die look plastered on their 

prepubescent, angelic, perfectly moisturized, Neutrogena for Men-wearing face, I may have to strangle them with their perfectly pressed, pin striped & pleated, homo-erotic Ralph Lauren tie. 

Or just punch them in their d*cks.  

Depends on my mood...