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What I've learned this week - Pt 2

No one is ever listening to you until you fart. Then every other asshole in the vicinity has something to say.
Putting politics aside, our President must have balls the size of his ears in order to pull off 'Operation Don't Fuck with the USA'.  I'm not subscribing to any of the conspiracy theories that have surfaced despite believing he should release the photos to the press. I have no doubt al Qaeda is plotting some sort of retaliation but, I agree with Jon Stewart. They've lost their mojo and the face of their "He-man Woman Hater's Club" now lives in a pineapple under the sea. Let's be honest, The Internet  has completely changed the way we receive information, in fact, Tweets from Pakistan reporting  OBL had been captured by the US surfaced 2 hours before Obama went on the air. Had OBL died before last Sunday, there's no way the newly appointed leader of al Qaeda would've kept his mouth shut. He would've uploaded a video of himself wearing his newly adorned sash & tiara turban, proclaiming  himself the new "King of the Sheep Fuckers" and Twitter would have exploded with the play by play.  And let's not forget about Wiki Leaks... If there's any dirty laundry to air about this historic event, it will be out sooner rather than later.  No, my dear readers, conspiracies have no place in our online existence.  Freedom of Speech + Internet = instant  accountability ...
CBS Nightly news ran a story recently about whether or not the Government should make it harder for people with mental illnesses to purchase guns. Seriously? Is this really a topic of debate?  
Ok, Let's apply this concept to the shootings in Arizona but, before I do I want to state for the record, I believe in the right to bear arms. I also believe it's up to us, using plain old logic & common sense, to prevent guys like Jared Loughner from getting their hands on semi - automatic weapons before we lose our rights altogether.
So, let's say I'm working at the local "Walmart" or "Rednecks R Us" or where ever they sell guns, beer, & lottery tickets, and I see this guy walk in:



Even if I assume Moe & Larry are waiting for him out in the car, there's no way I'm buying he's in his right mind. And that's before he starts to speak. I don't need a government guideline to recognize that selling this guy a gun is bad idea. Anyone who's ever worked in retail can tell you that they always reserve the right to deny service to anyone with questionable intent. Hell, every Kwiki Mart in the country has signs in the window stating "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service."  And yet, this guy still managed to purchase his gun despite having "RED FLAG" written all over him. I don't believe we need new guidelines to help preventing tragedies like the one in Arizona. We simply need to adopt a new policy for gun sales: "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Bat Shit Crazy, No Service."