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Bristol Palin to possibly write memoir?! WTF?!

Per Entertainment Weekly, Bristol Palin may be writing her memoir to be released later this year. If this is true, I hope her Publisher has enough foresight to print this masterpiece on top of a roll of toilet paper since anything produced by Bristol Palin is only worthy for wiping my ass.

"Memoirs aren’t just for people with an interesting story to tell, or for those who are old enough to have a degree of perspective on their life—no, that boat has already sailed. So I guess the fact that Bristol Palin is apparently set to write a memoir of her own shouldn’t necessarily make my brain implode in on itself like the house at the end of Poltergeist. Still, the recent creation of an Amazon page for Untitled Bristol Palin Memoirto be published by William Morrow, does raise some questions. For example, “How much will she talk about Levi?” Or, “Can it possibly sell as well as her mother’s books?” And even, “Is continued existence worth it now that we know that something like this is possible?” Here’s hoping the memoir will answer these and many more burning queries when it comes out on June 21, the shockingly close release date mentioned on the Amazon listing. Until then, we should all just take it one day at a time."