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Super Bowl Sunday

Can somebody tell me when the Super Bowl went from a simple championship football game to a gluttony of media hyperbole and radical advertising? 

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE football. I love going to games and I love watching the games on TV. I've attended some great Super Bowl Parties in the past and I love how Super Bowl Sunday instills a sense of community throughout our nation. But watching the pre-show activities for this years game, I was saddened by the vulgarity on display. There are other countries currently battling their governments in an effort to achieve the kind of freedom we take for granted. Someone needs to save us from ourselves.

Why is the pre-show four hours long? Listening to Terry Bradshaw is tough enough when the show is only an hour in length. I seriously doubt any of those guys (NFL Commentators) have opposable thumbs, let alone the mental fortitude to warrant fours of air time. Four hours=pure torture. 

Why are there celebrities walking a Red Carpet in front of the stadium? Since when is the Super Bowl a Red Carpet event? I thought Red Carpet events were all about Fashion and creating sales for the designers while pseudo-fashionistas like Joan River passing judgement on what they see. Like so many of our former Super Bowls,  we be saw a huge emphasis on denim, flannel, jerseys, face painting, & cheese wedge hats. The only thing missing was Larry the cable guy offering his commentary on Tailgating Do's & Don'ts.

They gave Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, 20 minutes of air time. Why? I don't remember any other owner being interviewed for 20 minutes before today. Especially an owner whose team is NOT competing in said Super Bowl. So, my question is who the hell cares what Jerry Jones has to say? They had him talk about the new stadium he had built and the Legacy of the Cowboy Franchise.  Again, I ask, who the hell cares what that pecker-head has to say?! Hey, Jerry! I'm not impressed by your money and posturing. If you want me to be impressed by you, why don't you use all that money to build something that matters? Like a children's hospital? Or how about helping Haiti rebuild their country? You do something honorable for a change and I'll think twice about changing the channel whenever you're on the screen.

(Little Known Super Bowl Trivia: The commercials are still my favorite part of the Super Bowl, but nothing will ever top the 1984 Macintosh commercial that Apple produced. That 30 second spot is what started the ball rolling for all advertisers to showcase their best work during the Super Bowl broadcast.)

 I'm not saying I want to do away with The Super Bowl and the festivities surrounding it. I'm saying I wish it wasn't quite so tacky...