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Happy New Year!

The old year has passed and a brand new one sits before us all shiny with it's possibilities. Rather than bore  you a list of my resolutions that will never come to fruition, I thought I'd share my hopes & wishes for 2011 with you instead. Here goes nothing:

I wish for Haiti to actually receive real help in rebuilding from the earthquake this year rather than all the pseudo-celebrites and politicians who show up simply for the photo op.

I hope all our Politicians realize they need to get over themselves and start serving the people who elected them.

I wish for the Louisiana coastline to granted a year without a natural disaster. Seriously, enough already...

I hope Lindsay Lohan sobers up enough to grasp she needs to cut ties with the people that helped land her in rehab....starting with her parents.

I hope the Chilean Miners all get better jobs.

I wish for Antoine Dodson to become an anchor for Fox News. Or MSNBC. Or CNN. In fact, they should give him Larry King's old show. If you don't know who Antoine Dodson is click here:

I wish there were a cure for Bieber Fever resulting in my never having to hear "One Time" ever again.

I wish all the Husbands of the "Real Housewives" would either backhand them to shut them up  or cut them off financially so they'd actually have something to whine about.

I hope Michael Vick gets attacked by a pitbull rather than some random, innocent child for a change.

I wish for Cee Lo Green to write the soundtrack for the impending NFL Lockout. 

I hope, in a ratings stunt, TLC arms the wildlife of Alaska with semi-automatic weapons in order to make "Sarah Palin's Alaska" watchable. 

And lastly, I wish for a happier, healthier and brighter year for everyone...  XOXO