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The Personalized Pinatas

I had just had a stroke of genius! I'm serious. You've heard it here first. The greatest idea EVER!!

I am going to make a Bazillion Dollars Correction: I going to make a Gajillion Dollars! 

I'm going to launch a company that makes customized pinatas to resemble any person you want (real or fictional) so you can beat the shit out of them without fear of retaliation. Think about it! How many times throughout the course of a day do you come into contact with someone you wish you could hit upside the head with a large stick.

An ex - husband? A co-worker? How about an in-law? 

Of course, none of us act on it because of all the legal headaches that surface from acting out that kind of fantasy. Until now.

Initially, my product line will consist of the following customizable Pinatas:

The Ex

The Boss

The Neighborhood Douche

Anyone in the Healthcare Industry

The DMV Lady

The CEO 

The Celebutante

The Sports Star

The Politican

The Entire Staff of Fox News

Think of all the themed parties we could have! I think crime rates all over the country would go down as a result of my creation. Of Course, I'm open to suggestions if you feel I've omitted a character type that needs to be added to the list. I'll worry about marketing, overhead costs, & pricing later. Word of mouth will get me started. 

Just watch: I gonna retire off this shit....  ; )