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Why in the Hell is Bristol Palin on TV?

Why in the Hell is Bristol Palin on my TV right now?! Did I wake up from surgery in a Bizarro Universe where decisions like this are considered brilliant?! I thought the show was called "Dancing with the Stars"? Not "Dancing with a homely-ass, no talent, unwed, college dropout whose mother is a fame seeking whore."

Why is she even considered a Celebrity? Paris Hilton has contributed more to society and she's a waste of space.

Why isn't there a "Dancing with the Valedictorian" or "Dancing with the Winner of the Noble Prize"?

Shame on you, ABC. Good role models for girls are rare these days and IMHOP you've set us back another decade. However, if you wanted to send me complimentary tickets in order to smooth things over, I wouldn't pass them up. Just give me enough time to stop and buy some tomatoes...