The Adventures of Bimbolinaho

The Blonde leading the Blind...

Humorist, Cycnic, Blogger, Blonde. Kinda like Grumpy Cat, but with boobs. Judging stupid people is my real job.#theblondeleadingtheblind


First Post!

Well, it was bound to happen. Laid up & cut off from the real world for a month and looking at another 4 - 6 weeks of confinement; my only respite comes in the form of a Blog. The result? Bimbolinaho is back, bitches!!! I was desperate for a distraction that didn't come in the form of ice machines, crutches, or multi-colored medical tape. Plus, I can keep everyone updated on my recovery from one place. It won't all be knee related postings gang, I promise!

But, you know you want to hear all about the Geriatric version of "the Hills" I get to witness at every PT Appointment... For Realz.