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Being Thankful

It's the time of year where we surround ourselves with the people who matter most to us and offer our thanks for the blessing we've been given. As Americans, we often get so absorbed in petty, media-fed misconceptions, we forget just how lucky we are. We live in the greatest country on the planet. It's easy to forget, I know. Especially now, with the Holiday Season looming large and most of us struggling to keep our heads above water.

We just need to remember who we are... 

We are a Nation whose Founding Fathers blessed with the power of change. We have a voice in the way or country runs because they understood that despite our differences, our arguments, our civil wars, we'd ultimately come together to do what's right. We take care of our own. And we always have. We have have never backed down at the first sign of adversity because we believe we're creating a better life for our children.Granted, we have our share of obstacles at the moment, but they're trivial in the grand scheme of things. Just ask Haiti.

We are a Nation whose children are our most precious resource. Despite a tendency to neglect them, abuse them, even harm them, we still trust them with our dreams for the future. We recognize it will be they who care for us one day and need to set a better example than we have lately. Just ask Zahra Baker.

We are not a Nation that should be  be complaining about extra security measures that may or may not infringe on some of our rights. Instead, we should be thankful for a system that, flawed as it may be, is in place to keep us safe. True freedom doesn't come without sacrifice; Just ask our Soldiers overseas. Ask their families. I've never had to make any sacrifices that come close to the ones they've made for us.

For them, and for everything I have been blessed with, I am Thankful.