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Ice Escapades

I'm a known Non-supporter of Reality TV.  I believe Reality TV is responsible for the decline of American Culture and the sharp drop in IQ points in our society. I remember a time when anything coming from New Jersey was treated with ridicule and disdain. I live for the day when we return to that mentality. So, imagine my surprise, when I found myself excited at the prospect of a new Reality show debuting this week: Skating with the Stars.

That's right! Skating with the Stars! I can't wait to watch this 21st Century Greek Tragedy unfold! Psuedo-Celebrities whose 15 minutes expired ages ago, busting their asses on a national ice rink! Ice Skating takes real skill, people. You can't fake your way through it the way Bristol Palin has been on DWTS. The carnage potential is HUGE!!!

2 things I'm hoping to see: 

1). Hockey Fight Night. I want to see Alexander Ovechkin mentoring the cast on the best techniques when participating in a Hockey Fight and later, during a scrimmage match, watching Sean Young put a beat down on Bethany Frankel.  

2). Blind Spots: Dear Producers of SWTS,

Please tell me you've hired Tonya Harding as a deterrent to voting discrepancies. I need to see her pop up out of nowhere randomly, and attack the top of the leader board with a lead pipe to the knee. 

I think this will even the playing field and keep people tuned in.

However, I'll applaud any Sweeps stunts that result in Bethany Frankel losing some teeth.


Here's hoping...  ; )