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Things I heard at PT Today

Things I heard at PT Today:

"I'm not a bender!"

"Well, now you're all mucked up."

"I am just covered in your goop!"

"Now I'm gonna have to call Windstream"

"I don't even know what an Android is!"

"Having a patient with a case of the walking farts comes in handy when you work in a nursing home because you always know where they are."

"Do you know what a "Code Brown" is?'

"I just keep peddling & peddling but I don't ever get anywhere."

"Do you know if there's an app for that?"

"The Israelis are the one's with the guns & the Palestinians are the one with the rocks. At least, that's how I tell them apart."

"No! No! No! Do not take your pants off!"

"There's a new cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; it's called an iPad" - Yep, That one was mine! ; )