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One of those days

I entered week 6 of Physical Therapy today. Yay, me! Just For clarification; that's week 6 of a 16 week recovery for the Lateral Release of my right knee. Bleh. 

I'm still on crutches, but progressing nicely. The swelling has come down quite a bit & there's very little discoloration anymore. My ROM (Range of Motion) is excellent, as is my balance, but I have very little stability or endurance. Right now, our goal is to build strength in my quads & improve the overall stability of the joint. Which is easier said than done because of the tear in my ACL. Here's the interesting part; Did you know that when there is a tear in the ACL or MCL, it doesn't heal at all. Me neither. If the ACL tears in half, then it has to be surgically rebuilt from a piece of your hamstring. When it's a partial tear with the tendon still in tact, like mine, it's left untouched by the surgical team. The recovery is centered around teaching the muscles in the leg how to support the knee despite the ACL. So, you combine that with the lateral release recovery, it's like having to pat my head & rub my stomach for two hours twice a week. It's kinda surreal....
Plus, I've entered the phase of therapy where they start breaking up the scar tissue; which HURTS A LOT!!!
Seriously, CMC almost lost a physical therapist today. She's lucky I can't run yet.
They tell me I'm doing very well, but there are days when I don't feel like I'm making much progress at all. 
Today's just one of those days, I guess.  ; )